3 Simple Strategies for Onboarding Remote Sales Reps

Sophia Obrecht
October 27, 2020

Need help optimizing your sales onboarding for remote sales reps? Check out these 3 strategies to streamline your sales onboarding.

With working from home becoming increasingly normal, if not mandatory in some parts of the world, the process of onboarding new sales hires has gone virtual. For many companies, this move to digital onboarding has proven tricky, after all, information exchange, one on one mentoring, and sales coaching, though possible in digital formats, can feel less engaging and effective than in-person training. But never fear, the Ciara team has put together 3 simple strategies that will help move your sales onboarding online and up productivity in your new remote sales hires.

1. Structure, standardize and be specific with online onboarding.

When you’re onboarding remote sales reps it is important to be specific with your lessons and goals. It is likely that video will be a key tool during your remote sales onboarding, whether that is a live video or prerecorded. So, make sure the content and the goal of each video is specific, much like a section of your sales onboarding presentation, a video should focus on one topic with key learning outcomes. Where possible it is great to have interactive online sales onboarding, however, such environments are not always great for information exchange, which is why preparing FAQs and pre-recorded videos are good resources for ongoing onboarding.

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management companies with a standardized onboarding process see 50% greater productivity in new hires. Remote onboarding makes it easier to standardize onboarding, however, with resources and videos moving online each rep can access a set stream of important information which means each is receiving the same quality, quantity, and identical information. This means their pitches will hopefully reflect a standardized product, company, or brand identity. Perfect!

2. Use tech and allow learning to be reinforced.

Together with initial sales onboarding activities, it is important to create a steady stream of information exchange and reinforce learnings from the initial onboarding process. This can be done with monthly sales coaching sessions, though virtual coaching sessions can lack the energy of in-person workshops.

You can also use technology and sales tools such as a voice-powered meeting assistant to make sure remote sales reps are continually in touch with key points, information, and suggested next steps. Send each sales rep off with smart Deal Maps tailored to your team and designed to keep each deal on track with goals and structure.

Each Deal Maps works in real-time to guide sales reps through the perfect conversation, complete with key talking points and objection handling cards to pull up when needed. Added to this each sales rep will receive an automated call summary after each call allowing both the sales rep and their sales leaders to look back and analyze what went well and what needs work.

This way remote sales reps always have some form of support and continue to reinforce the lessons from their initial sales onboarding. As a result, standards are less likely to slip. To learn more about sales training reinforcement and how it can boost success in your remote sales team download our free guide on Training Reinforcement for Building Sales Instincts.

3. Encourage ongoing information exchange between peers and superiors.

Sales onboarding should be a continuous process of information exchange; mentoring and peer exchange should be a key part of this process. It is important that remote sales hires get the chance to learn from their peers and superiors to get a glimpse into how successful sales reps work. Make sure senior reps get the chance to have informal virtual coffee chats with new hires in order to pass on important inside information.

If you already use an sales meeting assistant like Ciara, you can also ask more experienced reps to share summaries and recordings of some successful sales calls with the rest of the team for inspiration.

Are you ready to take remote sales onboarding to the next level? Experience a voice-powered assistant for yourself and see what Ciara can do to streamline your onboarding process. Click here to learn more about our product.

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