The 2020 State of Digital Selling - Insights for Driving Sales Productivity & Resilience [Research Report]

Veronika Traublinger
December 10, 2020

2020 State of Digital Selling report giving insights into capabilities & key success factors enabling digital transformation of B2B selling.

Before taking a look at the purpose, content, and learning of The 2020 State of Digital Selling Report, let’s frankly define what “digital selling” means. 

Digital selling, often referred to as virtual selling, is leveraging digital tools and channels to make sales teams more productive and customers more satisfied. It’s all about building customer relationships through digital platforms. It includes processes such as social selling, sales automation, online presentations, and CRM operations. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses increasingly leveraged digital channels to interact with prospects and customers. Beginning of the year, when the pandemic hit and entire organizations moved remote, this trend has been accelerating. 

The Altimeter group researched to understand the capabilities and key success factors that facilitate the digital transformation of selling for B2B business. They’ve interviewed leading sales professionals, including LinkedIn’s Head of Key Account Management, Brian Walton, Hubspot’s GM head of Product, Lou Orfanos, and Ciara founder Martin Heibel. Altimeter measured how key success factors resulted in both high-selling achievement (in the form of win rates, sales quotas, and customer satisfaction) and overall digital selling maturity. 

They identified six key findings:

  • Now, more than ever, selling is a team sport.
  • Sales teams need to make the digital mindset shift.
  • Hugh-touch, high-value cross-functional selling outperforms automated high-volume selling.
  • Top performers focus on the customer through customer-focused metrics, cross-functional teaming, and selling by vertical industries.
  • As they build digital excellence, boundaries are likely to blur between sales and marketing teams.
  • Digitally mature sellers are outperforming less mature teams through the global COVID-19 pandemic,

Download the full report for free to get an overview of the digital selling capabilities & maturity, detailed insights into key success factors in digital selling, and how COVID-19 impacted the state of digital selling. Altimeter and the interviewed experts will also share predictions on digital selling evolution over the next few years.

Download the full report

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Big thanks to Altimeter and Ed Terpening, for including Ciara founder Martin Heibel as an expert in this exciting research.