2020 A Year Like No Other - The Ciara Rundown

Sophia Obrecht
November 30, 2020

Here's a quick rundown of what happened at Ciara in 2020 with a few important Thank Yous for our Ciara community.

2020 has been a year unlike any other. The Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing, and home office have changed the way we live and work, and it hasn't been easy. But this year hasn't been all bad and here at Ciara HQ, we wanted to put together a quick rundown of all the great things that have happened and the amazing people we’ve worked with over the past year.


Back to the beginning. 

Let’s rewind all the way back to January 2020, doesn't that feel like a lifetime ago?!

In January last year, we launched our Ciara Content Library, a resource for sales reps everywhere. Filled with smart templates that sales professionals can use and adapt for their calls. To date, we have fifteen playbooks in our content library, but we can’t take all the credit. A whole host of sales experts and leaders had a part in creating this fantastic resource. 

Thanks so much to Dionne MischlerSusan A. Enns, Jan-Erik Jank and Tim Brömme, Raul Porojan, Dan McKinnon, Elinor Stuz, Lauren Bailey, and Adrian Kreitmair for your valuable input and for being part of the Ciara community. 

Ciara turns one 

Jump forward a month to February 2020 and Ciara celebrated its first birthday! An amazing achievement and proud moment for our founders Martin Heibel and Konstantin Krauss as well as the rest of the team! Here’s to the next. 

February also saw us go live on ProductHunt!  

In March we hit another milestone, 1000 LinkedIn followers! Shout out to you if you’re one of them. 

With our growing social media community, we want to create a space for all things Ciara and a source of quality sales insights to support sales reps everywhere to be their best!

In March we were also included in TenBound Sales Development Landscape along with a whole host of other sales enablement and sales tools, it’s a real pleasure to be part of this tech community. 

Top Sales Tool 2020. 

Fast Forward to May and Ciara is announced as Top Sales Tool 2020 in Nancy Nardin’s The Top Sales Tools Guide! The guide recognizes companies with unique capabilities for solving revenue-generating challenges. 

"Conversations turn leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Ciara helps ensure that every conversation is on point with a simple to use interface that sellers like,” says Nardin.

Thank you, Nancy Nardin and Smart Selling Tools Inc., for being part of the Ciara journey and making this possible!

Ciara x Zoom. 

In July we couldn't contain our excitement when we announced that Ciara was officially part of the Zoom Marketplace! What does that mean...that you can use Ciara to help guide you through your Zoom meetings and automatically sync all the important stuff to your CRM!  Pretty cool, right? 

Despite not being able to psychically attend, the Ciara team was excited to be part of the Bits and Pretzels convention back in September and SaaStock in October! Some amazing speakers at both events...including our very own founder Martin

New Ciara HQ.

October was also a big month for the Ciara team when we moved our HQ to a new office destination! It was a lot of hard work and heavy lifting by the whole team but we got it done! 

Take a look at some pics! 

Our very own native app. 

This year our development team has been working hard to innovate and update Ciara for our users to create a sales enablement tool like no other. From our new highlight feature to our new native app this year has seen Ciara grow into a product we’re proud to share with our customers...and we’re still working on releasing new features before the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled. 

Meet out new team members.

2020 was also a big year for Ciara as we welcomed 4 new team members! Konstantin, Evelina, Said and Sophia. It’s great to have new team members onboard, let’s see what next year will bring!!!  

And we're still growing! Check out our open positions here if you would like to join the team!

Thank you!

But this year hasn't just been about company and tech milestones, we’ve also had the chance to meet some fantastic people and sales experts in both our customers and in our wider sales network. 

We want to say a huge thank you to all our customers and account for taking this journey with us! Where would we be without you?

We would also like to give a quick shout out to all of the amazing sales leaders and experts who contributed to our Ciara blog and shared their insights with our Ciara community! 

A big thanks to Jan-Erik Jank and Tom Brömme creator of the Sales Excellence Podcast for the interview they gave back in January on how to get started in sales and their top advice for sales reps. 

Thanks to Dionne Mischler for taking part in our webinar! It is always a pleasure to work with you and learn from your insights! 

Thank you to the sales legend, Lauren Bailey, for her perspective on women in sales and more specifically how to get more women into sales! Check out her #GirlsClub community here.

And Justin Michael, an expert in all things tech and remote sales, thanks for both your blog contributions! From how to set up a winning digital sales process to understanding why digital sales strategies will be even more important after Covid, Justin has you covered. 

A big thanks again to Nancy Nardin for her interview for the Ciara blog, which is full of insights on sales tech, AI in sales, and how to stay up to date with the latest sales tools!

Thank you Mario Martinez Jr. for your quote in our blog post on looking after your mental health in remote sales. This is such an important topic so thanks for taking the time to prepare something. 

Another big thank you to all the experts who shared their tips for digital selling! Dipak Vadera, Patrick Joyce, Tim Hughes, Dionne Mischler, and Elinor Sturtz, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! 

A big shout out to Jen Ferguson, Dale Dupree, and Dipak Vadera for your amazing #SalesHorrorStories it was so great to have you on board for our Halloween blog series! Stories that were both so entertaining but also full of insight for us all. 


We would also like to say a big thank you to all to podcast and webinar hosts that showed us the love this year and welcomed Martin as a guest. 

The B2B Growth Show, PredictableRevenue, The Most Awesome Founder Podcast, and The Sales Evangelist! We love to listen to your shows but being part of them was also pretty awesome!

And a final shout out to Enterprise Talk for their interview with our founder Martin

So here’s to 2021, may it turn out to be filled with fun, happiness, and many successful sales ;) 

Happy Holidays from your Ciara team!