Ciara's 2019 State of Inside Sales Report

Kourtney Kirton
February 19, 2020

Download Ciara's 2019 State of Sales Report & find out the challenges salespeople from 15+ countries and 120+ companies face each day!

We asked, you answered!

At the end of 2019, we ran a survey about you, a salesperson, and the challenges you were currently (and likely still are) facing in your daily lives.

We put the results here, into our 2020 State of Inside Sales Report. We touch on each finding that we uncovered, and discuss some reasons behind them.

The three main issues were:

  1. It’s hard to manage information and standardize quality.
  2. It’s hard to onboard & scale sales teams.
  3. There are too many & too complex sales tools.

However, we found that despite these issues, majority of salespeople agree that technology still helps them.

If you only have a couple minutes, we also demonstrated our results in the infographic below. Check it out!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and be on the lookout for the next round of sales insights in late 2020!