Sales Development

Convert more leads into opportunities.

Ciara makes it easy to qualify prospects handle objections, and provide a winning customer experience.

  • Always collect the right information to identify best-fit prospects.
  • Handle customer objections in real-time with contextual live battlecards.
  • Seamlessly handoff leads to AEs with intelligent deal maps.
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Account Management

Close more opportunities, faster.

Ciara makes it easy to take notes, update the CRM, and manage every deal so you can focus on closing deals.

  • Instantly sync notes to your CRM.
  • Know where your deal stands at a glance with smart deal maps.
  • Always know what to say with talking points and battlecards on the fly.
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Revenue Operations

Get full control of your sales process.

Ciara helps you build and drive repeatable processes that win deals.

  • Get better CRM data with notes that automatically sync to your CRM.
  • Guide your reps through the sales process with pre-built templates.
  • Know what’s going on in your team’s pipeline with all notes, meeting recordings, and high-level metrics in one place.
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Sales Enablement

Enable scalable sales success.

Ciara helps you create a streamlined, repeatable sales process for an aligned seals team and more deals won.

  • Build a consistent sales process with playbooks that guide your reps.
  • Enable your reps in real-time with contextual cues live in the meeting.
  • Analyze sales calls at scale with conversation intelligence.
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