AI-assisted meeting recording software for more focused conversations and less admin.

Nail your customer meetings.

Focus 100% on your customer while Ciara records and transcribes your meetings, ensuring no essential detail gets missed. Easily master tricky situations with contextual prompts – from relevant talking points and sales battlecards to monologue alerts.

Save hours of tedious CRM work every week.

Ciara records, transcribes, and summarizes every meeting, and syncs all customer insights with your CRM. Goodbye, note-taking.

Enable faster and more effective coaching.

Access meeting recordings and transcriptions as soon as your meeting ends. Review the call by speaker, identify key moments, and spot winning patterns, automatically identified by AI. Call shadowing is so yesterday.

Ciara - Move deals forward with real-time guidance

Keep everyone on the same page.

Give your entire customer-facing team data-backed insights about your customers. Enable well-orchestrated handoffs and follow-ups, and wow your customers with a sales experience that closes deals.

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How do you record your meetings with Ciara?


Connect Ciara with your calendar and your scheduling tool.

Connect Ciara with your calendar and scheduling tool for easy meeting scheduling.


Host your sales meetings on Ciara.

Ciara automatically records and transcribes your conversations in real-time. Based on the context of your conversation, Ciara shows relevant cues live in the call to ensure a smooth and goal-driven meeting.


Get in-depth meeting insights.

Ciara stores and analyzes every call recording and transcript. It provides you with relevant conversation metrics and unique AI-based customer insights, so you always know where your deals stand and how your reps perform.

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