Engineering at Ciara.

Join the engineering team at Ciara.

We put engineers first at Ciara. Defining a new category of business software only works with the best product in the world, built by the best engineers in the world.

We don't waste time with useless meetings, stand-ups or other overhead, so you can focus on what's really important: Writing good code.

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Engineering at Ciara

This is our tech stack.

Our code base is still small and we maintain it in a single repository. The backend is written in Ruby on Rails (Rails 5.2). The frontend is composed of several small single page applications using Vue.js, written in ECMAScript 8 with Babel and packed by Webpack. We have a pretty good test coverage (Jest & Rspec) of ~80% (real useful coverage) and use eslint and rubocop to maintain coding standards.

For our deep learning and voice analytics experiments we use open source projects like TensorFlow, Keras and Rasa NLU with Python.

Ciara Tech Stack
What we offer

Here is what we have to offer:

  • Work whenever you want. We do not care about office hours. The only things that count are stable, robust and well tested features.
  • A no bullshit philosophy: We only do what's necessary and useful. We continuously adapt our processes, so there is minimal overhead and maximal output. No unnecessary meetings, no stand-ups, no sprints.
  • We use a Kanban board to prioritize our work. Big features are then broken down to individual user stories with clear expected outcomes and acceptance criteria. You can decide on your own, on what's next by just looking on the board.
  • Code is pushed to individual branches, reviewed by peers and then instantly pushed to our live systems. Every developer can push code to production and is responsible for it.
  • We provide convertible desks (sitting / standing), good chairs (no IKEA), a dual/three monitor setup with 27" Dell monitors and the newest Apple hardware.
  • Our kitchen is equipped with a fantastic Rocket Espresso Portafilter machine, so don't worry about your daily caffeine shot.
  • We believe in the power of diversity. Our small team already has a 50/50 gender balance, and our colleagues come from 4 different nations. We speak English at work.
  • We are in this together. So every full-time employee participates in our stock option program. No pre-requirements, no strings attached.
What we look for

And here is what we want from you:

  • Come in with a lot of ideas. Think about Ciara in advance and tell us why you would like to work here.
  • We don't believe in coding tests. Preferably you come in for one or two days and we work together on a real problem in our real code base. If this is not possible, please bring some code (yours or open source code) that we can review together.
  • Please tell us more about a project you're passionate about. It doesn't matter if this is a board game, coding style, the latest test framework or a new paper plane model.
  • We look for senior developers that have worked in team environments before and released major features to production.

Does that sound like a match?