decrease in ramp-time.

3 hours

less admin work per week/rep.


BDR and Account Executive alignment.


Schedulehead uses AI to automate the process of scheduling employees for event-based companies and anyone that needs to schedule smarter.



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The Challenge: Effectively Onboarding New Sales Reps.

The Schedulehead sales team was growing significantly over the past months. However, Derick Dorner, the founder of Schedulehead, realized that its set-up was not sufficient for its desired trajectory. Schedulehead didn‘t have the adequate tools to drive its remote growth efforts. "Ramp-up time of new sales reps was one of the biggest expenses we had,“ explained Derick. When researching a tool that can help scale their remote sales team efficiently, Schedulehead discovered Ciara. "I wasn‘t acquainted with Ciara, but during the trial, I immediately discovered the value of Ciara, and my conversations with the Ciara team made it obvious that it was the perfect tool for our needs,“ explains Derick. On top of that, Derick hoped to optimize their inside sales process and efficiency. "Our goal was to learn more about our sales process, optimize it, so we can scale more effectively and also target more and bigger accounts.“

“With Ciara we were able to build an effective and scalable sales onboarding process, cutting our ramp-up time in half.”

Derick Dorner

Founder @ Schedulehed

The Approach: Leveraging Real-Time Conversation Guidance for Efficient Training.

Schedulehead was able to quickly and easily get started with Ciara. "The Ciara team helped us to set everything up at light speed. Ciara integrates with our tech stack smoothly, and moving our sales playbook into Ciara was done by the Ciara team within less than a day.“
Derick was also impressed with how intuitive Ciara is to use, even for team members who haven‘t used it before. "I have experience with multiple sales platforms, but none of them has such a self-explanatory user interface.“

Schedulehead used the interactive deal map to make new reps quickly familiar with its sales process. With the contextual and customized prompts live in the customer calls, new sales reps can master sales calls within a couple of days. The Schedulehead sales team also loves how Jaimie Ayers, Account Executive at Schedulehead, says, "I like how it transcribes and summarizes my meetings and integrates with Pipedrive. This way, I don‘t have to take notes manually and put them into the CRM.“

Grow your Inside Sales Team with Ciara.

Ciara helps fast-growing companies build an efficient onboarding process. It guides new hires in their customer meetings with contextual and customizable prompts in real-time, making them confident sellers from day one.

New reps can listen to recordings of performers, giving them insights into how a successful customer meeting looks. The visualization of the sales process in the form of an intelligent deal map allows reps to identify the best next step quickly and builds the base for an aligned and efficient salesforce.

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