Increase in Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate.


Decrease in Onboarding Time.


Control on Sales Messaging.


The PlanetHome Group is one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany and Austria in the brokerage and financing of real estate.



Munich, Germany

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Real Estate

The Challenge: Managing a Successful Sales Team from Afar.

PlanetHome is Germany’s leading real estate service provider. They support their customers in all steps on their journey of finding and financing their dream home. 

Due to the volume of leads, PlanetHome works with partner companies to ensure a timely follow-up with every prospect.

“Our biggest struggle with the outsourced sales team was that we didn’t have any insights into their day to day activity. It was difficult to get an overview of what exact messaging they use and coach them on how to interact with customers on the phone,” explained Beeke Rath, Lead Manager at PlanetHome.

“An additional problem we saw was the high fluctuation. Constantly onboarding new reps not only cost time and money but also had an impact on our lead management and conversion.”

“Ciara is key to a sustainable and successful outsourced sales team.”

Beeke Rath

Lead Manager @ PlanetHome

The Approach: Intelligent Sales Playbooks to Streamline Messaging.

PlanetHome used Ciara’s intelligent conversation template to make outsourced reps quickly familiar with its sales process and messaging. With the contextual and customized prompts live in the sales calls, they ensure everyone has the information they need right when they need it.

Thanks to the recordings the PlantHome team gets real insights into each reps performance and can ensure high quality standards. “The conversation template and recordings give us back full control of our lead management. We instantly see what is going on and can identify winning behaviors. Ciara is key to a sustainable and successful outsourced sales team,” says Beeke.

The PlanetHome team and their reps are also impressed by the ease of use of Ciara and the strong support they get from the Ciara team. “The Ciara platform really has a self-explanatory interface and every rep was able to implement it in their daily workflow after a short introduction session. The Ciara team constantly gives product workshops to new reps and also involves us in the product development process. In Ciara we really see a strong business partner and we look forward to our ongoing cooperation.”

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