Close deals faster by improving your sales meetings live, not just afterwards.

Enable your reps in real-time.

You can’t be on every sales call. But Ciara can. Ciara helps your sales team navigate customer conversations by providing contextual and customizable cues - from relevant talking points and sales battlecards to monologue alerts.

Ciara - Level up your sales game

Provide relevant coaching.

Gain in-depth insights into every customer meeting with conversation intelligence. Learn what separates the best from the rest, quickly adapt and iterate on winning sales tactics, and help your team close more deals.

Create a stellar sales experience.

Give your entire team data-backed insights about your customers. Enable well-orchestrated handoffs and follow-ups, and wow your customers with a sales experience that closes deals.

How does Ciara's Conversation Intelligence Platform work?


Add your sales playbook to your Ciara account.

Fill your Ciara account with your sales playbook, including your deal process, qualification criteria, and objection responses. Of course, the Ciara team helps you to set everything up.


Host your sales meetings on Ciara.

Ciara comes along with its own video conferencing solution. It records and transcribes your conversations in real-time. Based on the context of your conversation, the meeting duration, and your sales playbook Ciara shows relevant cues live in the call to ensure a smooth and goal-driven meeting.


Get total visibility.

Ciara stores and analyzes every call recording and transcript. It provides you with relevant conversation metrics and unique AI-based customer insights, so you always know where your deals stand and how your reps perform.

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