Conduct discoveries that result in won deals.

Ciara helps you navigate your discoveries by providing relevant talking points and information live in your meetings. Learn about your prospect’s pain points and needs by asking all the right key questions and clearly identify sales opportunities. Enabling an accurate and healthy pipeline.

Execute stellar sales discoveries
Image: Enable scalable always-on sales coaching
Create all-star sales handoffs

Create all-star handoffs.

Get full context on every deal at a glance with Ciara’s intelligent deal map, complete with insights from all your customer meetings. Increase sales alignment and provide a stellar sales experience to your prospects.

Level up sales collaboration

Get meeting documentation off your back.

Ciara creates an accurate real-time overview of your deals based on your customer conversations. Don’t rob yourself of valuable customer-facing time by manually typing up notes or searching for information.

Say goodbye to manual data-entry
Image: Get meeting documentation off your back
Image: receive targeted coaching

Receive targeted coaching.

Record and transcribe your calls and receive valuable feedback from your manager, trainer, or peers on any call you request. Use the intelligent deal map to show exactly where the deal stands and get targeted coaching to move it forward.

Become a sales superstar

Let the numbers speak.

Ciara ROI: 3x your pipeline qualityCiara ROI: Decrease time spent for admin work by 30%

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