Get unique insights into your sales pipeline.

Get a crystal-clear view into every deal of your sales pipeline with intelligence from customer conversations and notes. Identify at-risk deals and steer them towards success.

Keep everyone on track

Enable consistent sales messaging.

Make sure your sales reps deliver sales messaging consistently and effectively. With Ciara's keyword tracking, reps get real-time feedback on their use of your sales messaging, allowing for an aligned and winning sales process.

Build alignment in your revenue team

Enable scalable, always-on sales coaching.

You and your sales trainers can’t sit in every call. Ciara helps your sales team navigate their customer conversations by feeding them with relevant talking points and battle cards live during their calls.

Build a stellar sales team
Image: Enable scalable always-on sales coaching
Image: Move more deals across the finish line

Move more deals across the finish line, faster.

Spot winning sales behaviors and observe correlations between the final outcome of a deal and variables like openers or objection handling phrases used. Use the actionable data provided to continuously fine-tune your sales process.

Accelerate sales success

Let the numbers speak.

Ciara ROI: 3x your pipeline quality15% Higher Sales Velocity

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