Provide real-time sales coaching.

You can’t be on every sales call. But Ciara can. Ciara helps your sales team navigate their customer conversations by providing them with relevant talking points and battle cards live during their meetings.

Level up your reps' conversations
Image: Provide real-time sales coaching
Image: Ramp your sales team fast and at scale

Ramp new hires fast and at scale.

Empower your reps to be confident winners from day one. Equip new hires with proven conversation templates, and critical content live in their calls.

Onboard at scale

Enable consistent sales messaging.

Make sure your sales reps deliver sales messaging consistently and effectively. With Ciara's keyword tracking, reps get real-time feedback on their use of your sales messaging, allowing for an aligned and winning sales process.

Maximize your teams impact
Image: Get meeting documentation off your back

Increase time actively selling.

Put admin on auto-pilot and prevent precious time taken from selling. Ciara enables real-time note-taking, creates insightful call summaries, and auto-syncs everything into your CRM.

Reduce busywork

Let the numbers speak.

50 % Average reduction of ramp timeCiara ROI: Decrease time spent for admin work by 30%

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