Ensure training is adapted.

Equip your reps with smart conversation templates and relevant information live during their calls. Instead of call shadowing, listen to call recordings and make sure your training is adopted.

Level up your reps' conversations

Ramp new hires faster.

Empower your reps to be confident winners as of day 1. Equip new hires with proven conversation templates, and critical content live in their calls.

Onboard at scale

Efficient call coaching.

Get a holistic insight into your team’s deals in real-time and review calls whenever it’s convenient for you. Spend more time actively coaching and stop wasting your time on gathering deal information.

Maximize your teams impact

Increase time actively selling.

Put admin on auto-pilot and prevent precious time taken from selling. Ciara enables real-time note-taking, creates insightful call summaries, and auto-syncs everything into your CRM.

Reduce busywork

Let the numbers speak.

Let's bring personal assistance to your conversations.

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