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Ciara provides relevant talking points and a real-time deal overview live in your calls to ensure goal-driven customer meetings. Automated, voice-enabled conversation summaries make post-meeting admin redundant and allow more valuable customer-facing time.

Win more deals
Image: Real-time guidance
Image: Stay on top of your deals

Stay on top of your deals.

Ciara creates an accurate real-time overview of your deals based on all your customer conversations. Identify the best next steps and potential risks within seconds and move your deals towards success.

Nail your follow up

Get in-depth deal insights in real-time.

Prep for customer meetings, deal reviews, and 1:1s in light speed. Ciara's intelligent deal maps are your source of truth for all customer conversations. Quickly get an overview of the deal's status-quo and drill down to the individual interactions to gain in-depth insights.

Uncover intelligent deal insights
Create all-star sales handoffs
Image: receive targeted coaching

Receive valuable coaching.

Record and transcribe your calls and receive valuable feedback from your manager, trainer, or peers on any call you request. Use the intelligent deal map to show exactly where the deal stands and get targeted coaching to move it forward.

Become a sales superstar

Let the numbers speak.

Ciara ROI: 3x your pipeline qualityCiara ROI: Decrease time spent for admin work by 30%

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