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SaaS, or Software as a service, is software that’s accessed, managed, and used on the internet and one of the fastest growing multi-billion-dollar industries today. But the faster the industry grows the more competition companies are facing. If you want to be ahead of your game, you really need to know how to win in SaaS-Sales.

We have realized that SaaS products and services - though in most cases envisioned and designed to be marketed and sold solely over the internet - will not sell well for the vast majority of SaaS companies unless they build a strong inside sales team and sales process. This article will give you 3 very valuable insights on how to build and improve your SaaS sales.

1. Detailed customer profiles

An ideal customer profile is a description of an organization which will get the highest value from using your product or service and which will at the same time be able to pay your desired price. It’s a simple yet powerful concept. However many SaaS companies struggle to reach their sales goals because they don’t know who to sell their products or services to. Once you have narrowed down your list of prospects including industry, company size, annual revenue etc. you should go for short 100 – 500 contact sales sprints or campaigns to quickly get an idea on the potential performance per potential customer group. Go for low hanging fruit first!

2. Handling trials

Most SaaS businesses don’t call their trial users. And those companies that do call prospects who opted in for a trial usually call them at the very last day of the trial - or after the trial has ended. Oftentimes, the trial period is mistaken to actually be a “testing phase”. Actually, what you want to accomplish with a trial are three simple goals:

  1. Get the lead
  2. Build a connection with the lead
  3. Sell your product or service

Honestly - you should call every single trial user within five minutes of signup. Sounds unreasonable? How does not reaching your sales goals sound to you? Calling your customers right after the sign up will drastically improve your reach rate. There’s a good chance the prospect is still at their computer with your product fresh on their mind. The longer you wait, the less likely your prospect is to answer. Plus a controlled phone call is the best environment to successfully convince customers and manage objections. If your prospects don’t have any – close this deal! Side note: Trials are a powerful tool when it comes to SaaS sales. But most SaaS trials are way too long. Your free trials should be short. Mostly shorter than what they probably are right now.

3. Strong product demos

Many SaaS sales reps confuse a product demo with a product introduction or even worse a product training. Your prospect doesn’t need (or even want) to see every little thing that your product does. They don’t care much for your features (yet). They want to know how your product will help them be more successful in their own business and how it will make their job and life easier.

That’s why you should always qualify first. Don’t use the demo for qualification. Always qualify your leads before you give them a demo and keep your demos short and simple. Most SaaS companies have demos lasting around 45 - 60 minutes. That’s way too long. If you can’t explain the most important key benefits and how your product will help your prospect solve an important problem within 15 minutes, you really need to work on your demo playbook immediately.

The four best practices for showing value in a SaaS product demo:

  1. Talk about results rather than features
  2. Adopt the results you talk about to the individual challenges or needs of your prospect
  3. Share at least two customer success stories
  4. Focus on showing simplicity (usability) rather than complexity (volume of features)

In conclusion, a successful product demo is a demonstration of value, not a software demonstration per se. Treat it that way and you’ll be much more effective and generate more sales.

How to leverage digital assistants for growing your SaaS sales?

To be successful in SaaS sales, you need to concentrate on targeting the right customer at the right time with the right approach. Though we are talking sales at the end of the day, SaaS is not to be sold the same way many other products can be sold as they mostly are not a commodity to the prospects and need to be explained in more detail.

That’s why you need a customer-centric and consultative approach with a strong closing and objection handling methodology. Consequently, a strong, proven, yet ever evolving playbook and objection handling framework will have a huge impact on every single phase of your sales process and your overall sales results.

At Ciara, we have designed the perfect digital playbook for SaaS sales. Ciara helps sales development reps and managers have customer-centric qualification and discovery calls, rund value-based demos and handle objections with ease.

If you are in SaaS sales and look to push the productivity of yourself or your team, get Ciara now! The Ciara assistant is here to make you and your team true SaaS rockstars in real-time. It’s easy and it’s free. Start your trial now!

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