“It is important to build interest, a sense of reliability and trust from the very beginning.”

Published today - a 4 minutes read.

Kamelia Duczmal, business developer at 3YOURMIND, about the ins-and-outs of a sales call and how to know how to go about any hurdles that might come your way.

3 Ways Millennials are Changing the Traditional Sales Game

Published 5 days ago - a 3 minutes read.

Millennials are very particular when it comes to sales communication, and are shaking up the way traditional sales have usually been conducted. Find out the three ways we believe they are making an impact!

“Try to get structure into your sales approach.”

Published 7 days ago - a 3 minutes read.

Julian Nast-Kolb, co-founder and CEO of Cliniserve, on the importance of sales in a startup and why experienced sales reps often have problems selling startup products.

The Key Questions for Every Discovery Call

Published 14 days ago - a 2 minutes read.

After prospecting clients (for sometimes what feels like forever), up next is the discovery phase. This is where you want to get to know your clients on a deeper level, and these are some key questions you should make sure to always ask!

Outside Sales vs. Inside Sales

Published 20 days ago - a 4 minutes read.

In the sales world, everyone is talking about Inside Sales. But what actually is Inside Sales and can it really compete against the classic Outside Sales force?

The Ultimate SaaS Sales Dictionary

Published 28 days ago - a 10 minutes read.

Sales language is critical, it’s like being in a secret club - you either know it, or you don’t. We came up with a list of some of the most important sales terms and acronyms that will help get you started on your road to sales success.

Overcoming Sales Objections

Published 1 month ago - a 5 minutes read.

Objections are so prevalent in a sales rep's daily life, yet they are also so feared. You can't avoid sales objections. That's why we're here to give you some advice on how to work THROUGH sales objections. Its critical that you have a strategy to overcome the objection hurdles that come your way.

The Sales Follow-up Call - Why, When, and How

Published 1 month ago - a 3 minutes read.

Shockingly, in practice, nearly half of the sales reps give up after the first “no”. We explain to you why this is a big mistake and why you should have a persistent follow-up strategy.

How to Rock a Prospecting Call

Published 2 months ago - a 3 minutes read.

A lot of sales reps dread prospecting calls. They associate them with sweaty hands and a racing heart while they dial the number. With these tips, you no longer need to be afraid of prospecting calls.

The 5 must-reads for every sales rep

Published 2 months ago - a 3 minutes read.

If you’re working in sales you should definitely read the following 5 books. They will give you a great overview of the best practices and techniques and help you become a sales pro!

The biggest Challenges for Inside Sales Reps (and how to overcome them)

Published 2 months ago - a 3 minutes read.

Through customer research, we identified three main problems inside sales reps face on a daily basis and created three basic and easy to apply solutions!

SaaS Sales – Our 3 most valuable insights

Published 3 months ago - a 4 minutes read.

SaaS, or Software as a service, is software that’s accessed, managed, and used on the internet and one of the fastest growing multi-billion-dollar industries today.

How to build a high-performing inside sales team

Published 4 months ago - a 6 minutes read.

Let’s be frank – almost every sales organization is fighting hard to consistently meet goals. Here are some tips and tricks on how to build a high performing inside sales teams to meet your goals easier.

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