Level up your sales game with Ciara. Your AI-powered sales assistant software.

Save 5 hours a week updating your CRM.

Ciara automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings. It syncs all relevant insights instantly to your CRM, allowing you to focus on what you can do best: talking to customers and closing deals.

Ciara - Automate meeting documentation
Ciara - Level up your sales game

Supercharge your sales meetings.

Ciara understands the context of your meetings. It helps you navigate tricky situations like competitor comparisons or pricing questions with contextual and customizable cues in real-time. From relevant talking points and sales battlecards to monologue alerts, Ciara has your back.

Always know what to focus on next.

Ciara analyzes all your sales meetings, providing in-depth insights into your performance, deal risks, and open topics to discuss. Get a true understanding of what really works and always know the best next step to move your deals forward.

Ciara - Move deals forward with real-time guidance

How does the Ciara AI sales assistant work?


Integrate Ciara with your sales tech stack.

Connect Ciara with your calendar, scheduling tool, and CRM system to ensure a smooth integration into your workflow.


Host your sales meetings with Ciara.

Ciara records and transcribes your meetings in real-time. Based on the context of the conversation, Ciara shows relevant cues live in the call to ensure an effective and goal-driven meeting.


Get in-depth meeting insights.

Ciara stores and analyzes every call recording and transcript. It provides you with relevant conversation metrics and unique AI-based customer insights, so you always know where your deals stand.


Move on to your next customer while Ciara handles the rest.

Ciara automatically creates a meeting summary and syncs all notes and highlights to your CRM. it updates the deal progress and creates a task.

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