We are Ciara.

Make customer conversations simpler, better, and more productive.

We're on a mission to empower inside and remote sales teams to sell with confidence and clarity.

How? By building a digital conversation assistant that supports sales reps during every step of the customer journey. Ciara takes over tedious admin tasks, guides conversations, and provides actionable advice to move deals forward.

Ciara is based in Munich, the heart of Bavaria (and home to the Oktoberfest). We are a diverse group of people interested in tech, good food, traveling, and sports. Learn more about our team here 👇


Founding date


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Hours of assisted calls


Product Design

Hometown: Brasília, Brazil

Funfact: Sometimes when I laugh too hard in a dream, I wake up laughing in real life.


Front End Development

Hometown: Semey, Kazakhstan.

Funfact: Finding appropriate clothes for an Asian girl is a challenge in Europe, I sometimes have to look in the junior section.


Front End Development

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Funfact: I started coding at an exceptionally boring night shift at a gas station.


Co-founder & Managing Director

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I am a trained magician and member of the magic circle of Germany.



Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I have Nutella for breakfast EVERY day.


Co-founder & Managing Director

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I made my first dollar making frozen pizza as a factory worker.


Front End Development

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I am 6'1" (188cm) tall and still share a 335 sq. ft. (33 sq. m.) flat with my husband!


Software Engineering

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I once crammed so hard for an exam, I left my apartment without pants. The mirror in the elevator saved my day!


Chief Happiness Officer

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Funfact: I am the goodest girl you'll ever meet and I love attention!


Backend Development

Hometown: Omsk city, East Siberia.

Fun fact: Drew a map for sport orienteering and organized competitions with it.



Hometown: York, UK

Funfact: Greece is one of my favorite travel destinations, but getting stuck on a donkey in Santorini is one of my most embarrassing travel stories.

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