Meet Ciara. The acceleration assistant for Sales.

From getting to know your prospect, to understanding their challenges, goals, and biggest concerns, customer conversations are the most critical part of any sales process. 

But many customer interactions lack structure, are poorly researched and planned, and valuable insights get lost without documentation. The result?... Deals stall and sales processes are lengthy and inefficient.

That’s why we developed Ciara, the leading acceleration assistant for sales, to leverage the full power of customer conversations and real-time decision-making.

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So, how does Ciara work?

From qualification to closing the deal, Ciara helps inside and remote sales teams deliver a sales experience that creates happy customers and scalable business growth.


Get a complete overview of your customer interactions.

Ciara captures customer interactions across calls and virtual meetings so you never miss a thing. Focus on your customer while Ciara takes care of the rest.


Unlock unique deal insights.

Ciara understands the context of your customer conversations and provides detailed visibility into your deals, so you can identify what to do next and accelerate your revenue goals.


Accelerate deals with the power of real-time decision-making.

Ciara enables you to maximize effectiveness and sell with confidence thanks to real-time guidance based on previous interactions and best practices.

Content to boost your remote sales success.

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