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Are your sales reps still using the same meeting tool as your accountants?

Ciara enables you to have goal-driven sales conversations - automatically capturing all customer insights and giving you exactly the information you need right when you need it, so you can close more deals, faster.

Meet Ciara. Your meeting tool to close deals.

Automate meeting documentation.

Forget incomplete or messy notes. Ciara automatically records and transcribes your sales meetings and seamlessly syncs everything with your CRM. So you can focus on what really matters: talking to customers and closing deals.

Ciara - Automate meeting documentation
Ciara - Level up your sales game

Level up your sales game.

Ciara analyzes all your customer meetings. It generates an in-depth overview, including valuable conversation metrics that lead to deals won such as talk-to-listen ratio and relevant keywords. Learn, adapt and iterate on winning sales tactics rapidly and close more deals.

Move deals forward with real-time guidance.

Easily navigate tricky situations like competitor comparisons or pricing questions with Ciara’s contextual and customizable cues. From relevant talking points and sales battlecards to monologue alerts, Ciara got your back.

Ciara - Move deals forward with real-time guidance

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