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Virtual sales is here to stay. So it is time for a video conferencing tool that supports sellers in their customer meetings to hit their goals faster.

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Grow revenue faster with Ciara.

Say goodbye to scattered sales notes.

Close more deals with the right data. Ciara helps you take structured notes, creates automated meeting summaries, and instantly syncs all insights to your CRM.

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Nail every meeting.

Get happier customers and more sales with real-time prompts. From relevant talking points and sales battlecards to monologue alerts, Ciara got your back.

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Sell with consistency.

Build a repeatable, winning sales process. Smart templates ensure you always collect the right customer information and guide your sales calls.

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Seamlessly connect Ciara to your sales tech stack.

Ciara integrates with your CRM, calendar, and the rest of your sales stack to help you automate manual tasks and create an effective sales process.

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