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Nail every conversation.

Have perfect conversations.

Ciara's smart meeting agendas guide your conversations, so you always know the best questions and what to say next. That's what makes a great customer experience and wins deals.

Level up your conversations

Stay on top of the game.

Get a smart briefing before each call. Stay up to date with previous conversations, next steps, and open topics. Never again get confused between the dozens of customer conversations you have every day.

Always be on the ball

Win deals others would lose.

Pull up battlecards within seconds whenever your customer raises an objection or mentions a competitor. With Ciara, customer concerns won't keep you from winning a deal.

Squash every objection

Focus on what really matters.

Capture all essential details.

Ciara converts speech to text in real-time, so you never miss a word. It highlights the essential parts, so nothing slips through the cracks. Focus on your customer while Ciara takes care of the rest.

Never miss a word

Get meeting documentation off your back.

Instantly get a well-structured summary of your meeting highlights and notes in both text and audio format. No more cleaning up notes and time-consuming documentation after every meeting.

Get instant meeting summaries

Keep everyone in the loop.

Let Ciara automatically sync your meeting highlights to your CRM system. Or share them with your peers via chat, email, or whatever channel you prefer with just one click. Spend more time with your customers and less time organizing and typing up notes.

Say goodbye to manual data-entry

“With Ciara we see a whole new level of CRM data quality and automation.”

Wolfgang Stelzle
Founder & CEO @ RE'FLEKT

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Nancy Nardin
Founder @ Smart Selling Tools

“It's fantastic how Ciara helps develop the sales profession. I'm able to share my knowledge with tons of salespeople right when they need it!”

Dionne Mischler
Founder @ Inside Sales by Design

Let's bring personal assistance to your conversations.

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