Your meeting tool can’t help you win deals.
Ciara can.

Customer conversations are the most critical part of any sales process.

But no matter how well-prepared or experienced you are as a seller, customers will catch you off guard, or maybe you forget to ask THE question that will help you seal the deal.

That’s why we developed Ciara. Ciara is not just another meeting platform. It’s a personal assistant for your meetings.

Ciara enables you to have goal-driven sales conversations - giving you exactly the information you need right when you need it and automatically capturing all customer insights, so you can close more deals, faster.

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So what does this look like?
Glad you asked.

Enable your reps in real-time.

You can’t be on every sales call. But Ciara can. Ciara helps your sales team navigate their customer conversations by providing them with relevant talking points and battle cards live during their meetings.

Ciara provides battle cards and relevant information live in the customer meeting.
Image: Unlock unique deal insights

Get unique deal insights.

Ciara provides a crystal-clear overview of every deal in your sales pipeline with intelligence from your customer meetings. Identify at-risk deals and steer them towards success.

Boost sales efficiency.

Ciara automates mundane tasks and provides an always up-to-date deal overview, highlighting customer insights and relevant next steps - for a productive and goal-driven deal flow.

Boost sales efficiency

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